Terry Talks Fiction

Welcome to Terry Talks Fiction!

Here, you can find my latest creative writing, and links to my podcasts and YouTube series.

We all love stories – it’s basically written into human DNA. When I decided to make the shift from working as an archaeologist to writing stories for a living, I realised something groundbreaking (archaeology pun!) – that the process of writing is much like excavating a site. You might start with an idea, a suggestion of what you’re going to find: but you never really know what lies beneath until you’ve broken through the surface.

I bring my unique critical approach to fiction and fiction writing through my own work, and through my podcast and youtube series where I talk about how elements of fiction are constructed in the media we all read, watch and experience, and how they all fit into the wider context (see? Archaeology!) of modern storytelling.

So settle in and look around – and I look forward to talking to you soon!